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Expert review of your CDP use

Our seasoned experts know all the CDP ins-and-outs and are ready to help you get the most out of yours. 

Findings & Recommendations

In the advisory report, you will read the state of your core configuration and possible quick wins.

Guidance for improvement

Based on the recommendations, we'll help you implement the findings in your CDP approach.

Leverage your data potential using a CDP

Customer data helps you understand your customers and their needs better. As a result of this knowledge, you can strengthen your customer relationship and focus on enhancing your customer’s experience. Managing and activating data in real time is a must to give your organization unprecedented abilities to truly understand customers. That is why you have chosen to use a Customer Data Platform. But are you getting the most out of your investment or are you missing out?

An Expert’s Perspective on your CDP

We’ll kickstart this journey with a detailed intake to fully understand your business. Once we have the complete picture, it’s time to dive into a comprehensive scan. The result will be presented in a point-by-point improvement report. And we don’t simply hand this blueprint to future success over; we’ll walk through the results with your dedicated team during a session. 

What the CDP Review Advisory report entails

In the extensive report, you will find out the state of your core configuration, such as listeners, connections, profile properties, merging, and insights. We’ll check on operation, relevance, and if everything is still up to date. All findings and recommendations are divided into the cross sections Foundation, Data Model, Data Architecture, Data Enrichment, Data Activation, and Data Insights.

We’ll plot all the findings on a priority matrix to get insight into quick wins and quickly improve your organization’s CDP configuration. 

What the Expert Review Advisory report entails
Better your CDP Findings with an Expert Review

Better your CDP with our Findings & Recommendations

To ensure there are no loose ends, we will personally guide you on following up with the impact matrix. That’s how we can provide you with a pragmatic plan. A plan filled with usable data to start optimizing and personalizing the digital channels for your organization. Also, we don’t just consult; thanks to our daily hands-on experience, you can always contact us with any questions. As we’ve conducted your Expert Review, we will be ready to help immediately. 

CDP Review

Starting from 2500 euros, within a period of 4 weeks, your organization will receive:

  • An in-depth review from different areas of expertise
  • Quality assessment of your Data foundation
  • A check on GDPR-proof tenant design & housekeeping
  • Insight into inefficient or inappropriate use of components
  • Insight into untapped features

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Why you should get a CDP Review

Gain insights into refining your data within the CDP. Our review provides actionable suggestions for enhancing the accuracy and relevance of your data, empowering smarter decision-making without disrupting your current operations.

Receive an assessment of your compliance processes within the CDP. Our review aims to identify opportunities for streamlining and improving compliance, ensuring you maintain a competitive edge in data management.

Receive a comprehensive evaluation of processes within your CDP, pinpointing areas for optimization. Our insights aim to streamline workflows and enhance efficiency, providing a roadmap for accelerated growth.

Prepare for future growth by identifying scalability challenges within your CDP framework. Our insights aim to provide scalable solutions, allowing your CDP to seamlessly handle increased data loads.

Gain insights into maximizing the use of customer-centric data within your CDP. Our recommendations aim to enhance customer experiences, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

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