Do you want to manage and protect your IT architecture? We can help you out

A worry-free IT architecture is something that we all want. Luckily, it can be simple: we manage and monitor your IT infrastructure.
With our professional hosting management, you can get back to focusing on the organization's growth instead of dealing with managing technical issues.

  • Outsource your web hosting
  • Always up-to-date servers
  • Backups are all taken care of
  • No more worrying about technical management, together with certificate and DNS management
  • Feeling safe with 24/7 monitoring + a single point of contact

For Cloud Hosting, availability is often thought to be the most important thing, but integrity and confidentiality are just as important.  To guarantee these three pillars, we use several technologies within the environment, including:

  • Disk encryption
  • Backup encryption
  • Standard HTTPS communication
  • Implementation of infrastructure patches, updates, and upgrades every month

And because GX has made security a top priority, we are ISO27001 certified for all our operations. 

Do you wonder if we can help you out with our services? Please fill in the form on the right side of this page, and mention what you are looking for. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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