Boost your team

Technology requires continuous attention. Customers and industries (but also colleagues!) change constantly and require improvements, adjustments and fine-tuning in all of your digital processes.

That's why it is nice to have all the necessary expertise with a single partner. We support our clients with software-based services: from frontend to backend, for both development work and re-design of corporate websites. Because of our agile approach, we seamlessly connect with customer teams and rapidly provide you with customized solutions.

Strategic collaboration

Are you looking for a sparring partner? Or in need of long-term reinforcement? Quickly acquire know-how by (temporarily) reinforcing your team. The current labor market makes it challenging to rapidly bring in the right IT professionals. Our experts are ready to join your team immediately. Think of the following: 

  • Scrummasters, project managers, and product owners
  • Backend and Frontend developers (also Full-Stack!)
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Business/Solution Architects
  • Digital Marketers (CDP)
  • Editorial Support

Remotely or in-house

In addition to expanding, every organization faces colleagues' planned or unplanned absences from time to time. It is extra distressful when this involves a crucial role within a team. 

We can provide immediate support without extensive quotations and complex administrative arrangements. Support by GX means that you are provided with substantive knowledge. Your new remote or in-house colleague hardly needs any training; we jump right into it. 

GX offers expertise; we ensure you can realize all your grand plans. Leave your details through the form and describe your needs if possible. We will contact you as soon as we can.


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