Fontys University of Applied Sciences offers a great amount of studies and courses. From the technical branch to communication studies and in depth trainings or master studies.

The 25 individual Fontys institutes collectively offer more than 100 courses – bachelor’s, master’s, and associate degrees, as well as training programs and courses for the business market. 

GX Approach

Before implementing a Customer Data Platform (CDP), in this case BlueConic, we examined the current marketing technology stack and plotted Fontys' data landscape and -model. The next step, was to set goals and translate them into tangible use cases. With the use of listeners, we were able to retrieve new and relevant data. 

We found 3 interesting target audiences to focus on:

  • Regular students
  • English education/international students
  • Professionals

Fontys | Online Study Orientation Strategy Boosts Student Success!
GX Approach on Fontys

GX Approach

By leveraging BlueConic, relevant (behavioral) data is collected and gets categorized into (potential) customer profiles. This gives the possibility to form a true student journey. 

From here on, we could create a personalized route where students get a better direct for choosing the correct studies.



With the help of the collected data, we personalized content and gained:

  • Ninefold in registrations for career guidance activities (for example an open day or student-for-a-day program) among the target group that had seen personalized dialogues;

  • More registrations with the help of dialogues: almost 10x more conversion than the standard activation;

  • The dialogues also provided deeper consideration by students about studies and participating in career guidance activities;

  • An overall boost of the orientation process.