Roularta Media Group is an international multimedia group and a market leader in magazines in Belgium. The collaboration between GX and Roularta started in 2019, with BlueConic as their Customer Data Platform (CDP). And BlueConic also turned out to be the perfect choice when Roularta tried to find a solution to centralize consent management.

The challenge for Roularta

As a leading media company, Roularta manages a wide range of brands, engaging with customers and advertising partners. Ensuring privacy and consent is incredibly important, as they aim to safeguard customer data while delivering value to advertising partners with targeted advertisements.

To strike the right balance and represent the interests of both groups effectively, Roularta sought a solution.

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The solution for Roularta

With BlueConic, consent management seamlessly integrates into the BlueConic profiles. This eliminates the all-or-nothing approach to consent while still complying with privacy regulations. For instance, if a visitor only rejects consent for retargeting, Roularta can still personalize the website experience to drive lead generation.

Additionally, BlueConic is used for creating look-alike models, allowing advertising partners to target small yet highly engaged audiences with relevant content.

Download the case study and learn how Roularta:

  • Mitigates consumer data risk with consent
  • Expanded target audiences with look-alike audiences without compromising on engagement and CTR
  • Increased revenue by implementing look-alike modeling.
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