ANWB is a complex bricks-and-clicks organization selling multiple products and services. Since 2013, they have been using BlueConic to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Even in the most recent challenge of balancing personalization and privacy, BlueConic proved to be the right solution. 

The challenge for ANWB

Retaining members and providing optimal service is crucial for ANWB. Therefore, they put the needs of their members at the heart of their marketing efforts. However, how do you balance these priorities in an era where customers demand both privacy and personalized experiences?

A dedicated ANWB personalization team embarked on a quest to find software that enables even more relevant online communication while respecting customers' privacy preferences.

Customer Cases _ ANWB
Customer Cases close _ ANWB

The solution for ANWB

ANWB has been using BlueConic for years to make specific offers to the right customers at the right time across channels. To collect and manage first-party customer data, united profiles, and on-site listeners were employed.

They now use all this gathered information to deliver effective cross-sell and upsell offers based on real-time behavior — all while respecting customers' consent preferences.


"BlueConic not only helps us to personalize the website, but also gives us insight into the behavior and preferences of our members. We can also use this data on our other channels, resulting in a more relevant customer experience leading to increased conversions and higher customer satisfaction."

Download the case study and learn how ANWB:

  • Coordinates more than 400 personalized messages
  • Enables real-time omnichannel next-best-action marketing through the right connections
  • Increases conversion rates with personalized cross-sell and upsell campaigns
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